Thursday, March 31, 2011


hey! comedians! style is sporatic, making you laugh is certifiable. who has made you laugh :D

Saturday, March 26, 2011


shit yes, going to see girl talk tonight at the palladium :D so exciteddd.
girl talk is part of the growing movement of remix/mashup artists, with others including super mash bro's, steve aoki, party ben, and others. however, girl talk's style and technical prowess makes him a hardcore favorite for me personally. plus, his day job is being a biomedical research engineer. i dont even know what the fuck that is, but its cool. so yeah, you should defs check out all those guys, and go see some live music for yourself!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

meh. not in a bloggy mood. sorry, i know you've all been waiting so tentatively. for now, heres some cool TED talks:

sorry if you dont speak english! but then again that warning would mean nothing to you...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my favorite things in the world: part one

no class Tuesdays? fuck yes.

on to my favorite thing number one. i do not bring up this topic lightly and i only brought it up because i really really do love it. so without further ado, i introduce to you one of the greatest games ever made: DotA.

Should you already know what dota is? good, in fact, wonderful. should you not know, let me open your eyes to the light. DotA is an abbreviation for Defense of the Ancients, and is a mod of Warcraft III. it is still highly popular in the online community due to frequent and refreshing updates, despite being several years old. the game is simple, you and four teammates each control one of 90 "hero" unit with four spells and three main attributes, leading to millions of gameplay options. the game consists of a constant three-pronged attack between one team's base in the bottom left of the map, versus the other teams base on the top right. these three 'lanes' are the main waypoints for NPC units from both teams to spawn and attack-move through, giving the heroes small armies to fight alongside. in each lane, each team has 3 attacking towers, making lane pushing a sectionalized process. the ultimate object of the game is to destroy the other team's "ancient", a structure in the middle of their base which they must "defend" (hence the name). in addition to all of this, each hero has 6 items slots at their disposal, which during the early game are filled by simple items and various potions. but as the game progresses and money is made (through the killing of other heroes and 'creeps', the npc lane pushers), heroes use their gold to buy extremely helpful and gamechanging items. A staple of any hero's item build is one of the 5 forms of boots, which increase movement speed. other items include stunning abilities, massively increased attibutes, or 'lifesteal', which grants some of the attacking hero's health back on every of their attacks, based on their attack damage.

the only other part of the game that needs mentioning is the attributes. each hero is aligned with three attributes: strength, which dictates max health and health regen, agility which dictates attack speed and armor, and intelligence which dictates max mana and mana regen. in addition, each hero is attuned to a specific attribute, meaning there are strength heroes, agility heroes, and intel heroes, and any item based addition to their specific attribute also increases attack damage. although these attributes increase naturally as the game progresses (and characters level up, 1-25), heroes can also buy items that increase these attributes. as one could imagine, the general rule is that strength heroes are the 'tanks' as they have more health to take from, agility heroes are the 'enforcers', with high attack speed and armor, and intel heroes are the 'support', with low physical attributes, but strong spells to compensate.

i will definitely be posting more about dota (: ask any questions  you'd like, i will answer them all. if you already play, my bnet name is jedthefish so you should add me and we can play some time :D until then! <3

Friday, March 11, 2011

yayyy its the weekenddd fuck design homework lets get high and play wow

my philosophy professor went over Descarte's proof for the existence of god, and i got him to admit that i was right about its logic being faulty under another of Descarte's own principles, begging the question. pretty cool.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


i'll get to floorbed. first:

i tried drinking out of a hose today :D it was great, didn't really get too much water though :/

on to floorbed!
i will explain with pictures.
this is my 'mattress on a frame with sheets and shit' bed:
as you can see, i use it as a place to hold clothes (: and other shit like those drawing pads and books. i do not sleep on this bed, there is just no point to me, it is  better served holding my stuff. also, i get super itchy when i sleep on that bed, so fuck it.

i sleep on floorbed. floorbed is the entirety of the floor of my room, covered in as many blankets and pillows as peoples needs be, the equation of pillow/blanket:person being p/b=2p+1, so everyone gets two blankets and a pillow. during the non-sleeping, movie watching, salvia smoking, or other times of the day when floorbed is needed, it looks like this:

rolled up and out of the way (: when its just me around, it looks unrolled like this:

with the extra blanket and pillow for my girlfriend who is always sleeping over (: otherwise, in terms of people/space efficiency especially when watching movies, i can not think of a better way to sleep! i love my floorbed <3 does anyone else have setups like this? or any form of  non-traditional sleeping arrangements?

also! check out this photog website, she mostly does band work but i think that her style and editing make it really great!
my friends band, Looking Out Kid are the two guys sitting on the couch outside, i just looked for 10 minutes for a link to their music but i couldn't find one /: next post! love you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

funny game

check it out, had a way easier time playing gates though :O

PC>mac....... inb4 shitstorm lol

girls dude /:

but thats too personal, just relationships in general. of course i want the best, but thats hard to maintain. does anyone with a little more relationship experience have anything they would like to share? cuz i could use it :C

Thursday, March 3, 2011


as it says: top 2-3 pandora stations, and all associated things you know.

1. 2mandydj's! +girl talk

2. Suicide Machines! +rancid, operation ivy, mighty mighty bosstones