Tuesday, April 12, 2011


COACHELLA THIS WEEKENDDD if any of these bands http://www.coachella.com/event/lineup interest you, you should consider selling one of your non-essential organs and getting a ticket!!!

other than that a quick easy way to increase the value of your life (imho):
if you have the kind of cell phone where text message conversations are stored as conversations with individual people, dont delete the ones you arent actively using. i used to, and i realized i lost so much. my quest upon you, find the last person on that list. 1) comment on this post, what is their name and what is their relationship with you? and 2) text them. just say hi, see whats up. im sure it'll go over fine, possibly great, but end quickly if not (: you have nothing to lose, but possibly soo much to gain.

for me, its Ryan W., he was the gate guard where i used to live and he was really cool (: let me sneak into the guard booth thing and blaze with him XD who is the last on your list!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


its been a great lifetime for music for me. i really love music and have been able to see a lot of great bands perform live. a few weeks back i saw girl talk at the palladium WHICH WAS WAY SICK, he's such a phenomenal performer, I honestly didnt even realize where those two hours had gone. last weekend as well i was able to see punk legends Star Fucking Hipsters, who's music is insanely varied, relevant, and fucking awesome. this is one of their best known songs, Two Cups of Tea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAqRHaQxStU
and in 10 days is Coachella!!!!! if you dont know, coachella is a huuuuuuuge 3 day music festival out in the california desert :D im quite happy i live close, otherwise trekking it would make it hard, because i honestly have not been able to stay away these past couple of years. amazing lineups, killer crowd, and just an amazing time to be had by all. please hit me up with other great bands as i love all types of music! (except american folk aka country) be safe <3