Friday, May 6, 2011

more shit u might care about!!!

34 Rules Every Man (and Woman) Should Live By

oh no nothing good yettt /: soooooooo that makes it LOGICAL FUN FRIDAY!!!!
post logical problems (yes, most dont have 'answers', its the discussion that matters. every post will be responded to personally, unless youz trollin or monumentally closeminded.
 AND SO IT GOESGGGG (oh no my g button is starting to stick /:):

if a good driver (never pulled over and no accidents) makes a poor driving decision and thus endangers safety of themselves and others or just impedes the flow of traffic, everyone involved will think 'wow what a fucking retard'. the driver knows that they are a good driver, but to everybody else theyre just 'that fucking prick'. now, is this person still a good driver? or in simpler, tl;dr terms, can a smart/good person do something dumb/bad? or does that make them a dumb/bad person? im really having trouble with this one, mostly  because today i was the good driver who made a poor decision, but also because i want to empathize with the good driver. i want to say that yes, of course, they are still a good driver and will continue to make good decisions in the future. but they still made the mistake, meaning they are capable of making mistakes and can very likely make more mistakes in the future. so they almost definitely will be a poor driver. but maybe theyr'e only a poor driver for that moment? then good for the rest? idk... but post your own problems and ill respond i promise!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


so ive gotten a lot of fan mail, you know lots of  "why havent you been blogging" "can you help me find my cat" "ill slit your fucking throat", really great stuff! so here's an apology: sorry.

moving on:

post love songs!!! any genre, any tone, any anything (: i want affection, show me how you love! (through music... or email me pictures... no, no just music)

personal favorite: ((: great funny song, yes its satire but still lovely.

also, i care about the world. americans: check it: (more to come) ( watch all 3 films, most meaningful 9 hours of my life)